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Beautiful Atlanta Sky From Phipps Plaza

I have tried to capture this shot before and was stopped by security.  This time I stayed in my car and was able to get the image I was looking for.  The clouds and sky were pretty amazing for about 3 minutes, then it was gone…  This is a 3 exposure HDR processed in SNS-HDR Pro and Lightroom.  The Church on the left is Wieuca Baptist Church and the building on the right is the Ritz Carlton Residences.

ISO 320 @ 24mm, f16

Wieuca Road Baptist Church and Ritz Carlton Residences


Rest Stop in North Fulton Golf Course

Rest stop on the eastern side of North Fulton Golf Course along Lake Forest Drive in Chastain Park.



Carson Matthews Photography

City of Atlanta Skyline Fogged Over

This morning the fog was thick in Atlanta, and even at 9:30 am it was still hanging low.  I was on my way to Decatur on Freedom Parkway and saw the City was still engulfed so I jumped over to the Jackson Street Bridge and caught this shot.  You can view what it typically looks like here http://picturesofatlanta.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/hdr-atlanta-skyline/

Prints of this image are available for purchase at www.CarsonMatthewsPhotography.com

City of Atlanta Skyline SNS HDR

The picture above was processed using SNS-HDR.  I also use Photomatix a lot to process HDR shots, and here is what it came out looking like.  I’d be interested to hear which one you prefer.  I like the one out of SNS better, it just feels cleaner to me.  Let me know what you think.

City of Atlanta Skyline HDR Photomatix

Weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

This has been a fun week for me and photography.  For weeks I’ve been reading and studying up on HDR.  It is a whole other world that certainly has a life of it’s own.  I started out at a site called Stuck in Customs written by a sick photographer named Trey Ratcliff.  If you haven’t been to his site, go there now…then follow him on Google+.  He has a great tutorial on his site that will serve as a launching pad, and apparently has been doing so for quite some time.

I’ve been practicing taking the shots and processing them with the Photomatix software trial for a few weeks.  I haven’t been blown away with the results of any of the shots which was frustrating.  Just the other day I came across SNS-HDR which is a program out of Poland.  Enter Google Translator.  I was really pleased with how this program processed the images and especially my real estate photography.  That is a whole other topic I won’t get into, but end of story, I really like the way SNS processes the images and the interface is easy to work with.  So for this week I took a picture of something that is super yellow and has a cool design to go along with it.  I ran it through SNS and here you go: