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Weekly Photo Challenge Week 34: Abstract

This week’s challenge was to come up with an abstract photograph.  I waited all week for something abstract to come to mind, only to find out that I wasn’t going to naturally stumble upon something abstract, I would have to either go out and find it, or create it.  This first shot is the result of a plant living in a water vase with no dirt for several years.  I like this shot, the variations of green color and the macro details.

As I was taking this picture my attention was drawn to the actual light rig.  I got some pretty cool shots of it as well and after writing this post, have decided to use it instead.  I am however going on record to advise that you don’t attempt this shot as I’m pretty sure I damaged my left eye looking through the viewfinder at this super bright light.  It’s been about an hour and it still hurts and is a bit blurry.  Consider that my public service announcement.  Here is the shot I am submitting for the weekly photo challenge.

The guts of a light bulb

Here is my third choice looking through a keyhole in the light casing at the guts of the light bulb.

Through a key hole