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Water In and Around Atlanta

Over the past 6 weeks I have been taking a photography class at the Showcase School here in Atlanta.  We had to choose a project for the class and I decided to document some of the bodies of water in and around Atlanta.  A few examples that I photographed are the Chattahoochee River, Nancy Creek, Lake Clara Meer, the Pond in Atlantic Station, and the Chastain Park Pond.  Here are some of the photographs from my project:

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Nancy Creek Through Chastain Park

Today Henry and I went for a walk with Cody in Chastain Park.  We walked on the east side of the park off of Lake Forest along Nancy Creek.  I went back later with my camera and got some shots of the creek.  As I walked up the biggest blue heron was standing in the water right where I was headed.  I only had my wide angle lens and couldn’t get close enough to get a picture of him.  He flew off pretty quickly as I tried to get closer.  Oh well, I was able to get some good shots of the creek and water.  Here is a close-up of the water rolling across the rocks.