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My First Beer Can Chicken

Tonight I made a beer can chicken for the first time on the Big Green Egg.  I’ve been on a grilling hiatus since December 31st.  For some reason that I’m not aware of I have been taking a break…  Glad to be back.  I used several BGE toys for the first time including the sittin’ chicken, iGrill and some of my new tools that I got for Christmas.  It was pretty easy; I simply rubbed the chicken with lemon pepper from the Fresh Market, filled the sittin’ chicken with a beer, put the chicken on top and stuffed the neck with some quartered onions.  I cooked it on the Big Green Egg for about an hour and a half at 375 give or take.

Beer Can Chicken on Big Green Egg

The iGrill was awesome and totally eliminated the need to open the egg while it was cooking.  My phone went off when the temperature was 170 degrees and we were done.  It was simple and the taste was amazing.  I was not expecting the boys to eat it, but they devoured it!  When we were done at the table they both went to the counter and picked the chicken apart until it was gone.  The chicken cost $7.94 at the Fresh Market… now that’s money well spent.

Beer Can Chicken on Big Green Egg

 This was a very simple recipe as I didn’t want to get too involved the first time through, but the flavor was right on with so little effort.  There are more extravagant rubs that will probably make it even better, and you have to think a different beer could enhance the flavor as well.  We shall see.

The Fillmore Charlotte North Carolina

When I think of the Fillmore, I think of the Grateful Dead playing at San Francisco’s Filmore West or New York’s Fillmore East, not Charlotte North Carolina.  Well, Charlotte  now has a Fillmore and we went to see the Trey Anastasio Band play there Friday night.  Here is a shot of the entrance.


And here is a shot from inside the venue from my iPhone…excuse the quality

It really is a cool venue and quite small.  Parking was easy and there is a beer garden next door where you can play corn hole pre-game.  Looking forward to going back soon.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Technology

This evening I was taking shots for the Weekly Photo Challenge and decided to wait a little while for the light to change.  This week the subject is “technology” which is one of my favorite subjects in life.  The picture I was working on was a shot from behind my desk of me typing on my computer, picking up my iPhone, and moving the mouse around.  In the background are my laptop, iPad, iPhone and other random computer gear.

Here is the shot I was working on:

Shortly after leaving this shot for dinner I heard the news that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56, one day after the release of the iPhone 4S. Since I got a new iPad2 yesterday I figured a tribute was in order.  Here is the shot I am submitting of my Apple products.  RIP Steve Jobs.

First Impressions from Tuesday Caravan

In residential real estate we speak a lot about first impressions.  Things like landscaping, architecture, lighting, fresh paint etc.  Yesterday on agent caravan I was struck by two first impressions, one really good and the other not so much.  I thought it would be fun to start a little segment called “First Impressions.”  When something jumps out at me as a great or horrible first impression, I’ll blog about it here and maybe offer some insight, without calling anyone out of course.  Most of these photos will come from my iPhone so please accept my apologies for the so-so photography.  We’ll keep it positive today and go with a great first impression.

Yesterday on caravan Dorsey Alston had such a wonderful Peachtree Battle estate open for agents to see.  The first impression(s) at this home start at the road and last throughout the house just in case you missed any of the first ones, but when I opened the door I just loved the arched doorways and curves of the entrance foyer.  That kind of entrance makes me feel really good.

What’s the first thing you notice when you walk into your home?  How awesome it is or things you want to fix?

My Love for the iPhone 4

Never once did I question or doubt the awesomeness of the iPhone. I am a Verizon customer and for years have watched my friends, family and colleagues strut around doing awesome things with their iPhones. I held firm and bought the best blackberry I could get which at my last purchase was the Storm2. Very shortly after that purchase, Verizon announced that it would begin selling the iPhone.  To make up for all of its shortcomings I bought the Samsung Gallaxy Tab last December, of which I’m using to write this blog post. Not to go off in another direction, but I have to say I am very happy with my Tab.

Last week I took the plunge (responding to an email from Verizon saying I qualified for an early phone upgrade) and bought the Verizon iPhone4 and must say, it is simply amazing. From the moment I first held it I knew this was the best piece of technology I’d ever had. Email setup to deleting emails to grouping emails by conversation, to sending contacts via text or email and one of my favorites, the organization of phone calls and voicemails, it just makes getting things done easier.

My favorite new app is CardMunch. I learned about it on www.MyTechOpinion.com and it rocks. As a Realtor I am always trading business cards and keeping up with them is a nightmare. With CardMunch all you do is snap a picture of the business card, it categorizes all of the information, feeds it back into your iPhone and with the click of a button they are a new contact. Again, I’ve been waiting years for something like that.

My other favorites are Scrabble (still not sure why you can’t play on other devices), the Facebook interface is close to perfect (lacking picture upload direct from the gallery), Google Maps is perfect, texting is light-years ahead of my old phone with the way it bubbles your messages, and the camera is very impressive.


I was pretty hesitant buying the iPhone 4 having heard all of the rumors about an iPhone 5 coming out possibly this fall.  After speaking with a few people, I realized spending one more day without this awesomeness was one day too long and I should just go for it.  I have had it now for about a week and I feel really good about my purchase.