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Weekly Photo Challenge Week 43 Blue

This week the subject of the Shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge is “Blue“.  Back during week 18 I was lucky enough to use Ben and all of his curly red hair for the subject “Red”.  This week it was Henry’s turn.  When he was a baby the ladies at daycare called him ” the boy that never blinks” because he has huge blue eyes and like they said, he rarely blinks.  We sat on the back porch this evening as the sun was setting and I got some shots of him with my 50mm 1.8.  I cropped out most of his face to emphasize his eyes.

Up until this point I have been shooting primarily in P (Program) or A (Aperture) modes…  Today I graduated to M (Manual) mode and it all clicked.  All of a sudden it just made sense.  This week I also started shooting mainly RAW shots and using Adobe Lightroom 3 for post processing.  Lots to learn and so much fun.  Hope you like it.