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May-June 2016 Garden Update

Over the past couple of weeks I have added some growing structures for the tomatoes, squash & cucumbers.


I have harvested lots of strawberries, but for most of them a slug has been getting to them first. I added some natural wood charcoal ash around the raised beds as well as epson salt around the plants which will hopefully take care of the slugs.

I added some stakes to the pole beans, cucumbers & tomatoes and all seem to be shooting up as a result. The blueberries are starting to get their color which has the kids really excited, hopefully they will be ready to go soon.


Carson Matthews

June Raised Garden Update

June Garden Update (6 of 7)Here is a photo update of my back yard raised garden beds. Everything is growing like crazy, the most fun to see progress for me personally are the cantaloupe, cucumbers, strawberries and pole beans. Earlier this week I built a structure out of bamboo for the cantaloupe to grow up and spread out. We will see how that fills out.

Henry and I tried the first strawberry last night, and while a tad sour, it was still very tasty. We are looking forward to many more.  My ultimate goal is to make my smoothie with all ingredients from the garden. On that day I will celebrate!

Here are some pictures of the progress:

June Garden Update (2 of 7) June Garden Update (3 of 7) June Garden Update (4 of 7) June Garden Update (5 of 7) June Garden Update (7 of 7)