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Ben’s Basketball Skills

Last week I went out and bought an HD video camera hoping to find a great tool for shooting videos of my listings.  I bought one, didn’t like it…bought another and still was really unimpressed with the quality and lens range.  I did capture some of Ben’s basketball skills.  Check him out.

A Store’s Reaction to In-Store Product Review Research

Today I went into a local ‘tech’ store to get a new TV to replace ours that got zapped by a recent lighting storm.  I went in with my Galaxy Tablet so I could do some research on whatever model I found before making the purchase.  Before I could get it pulled up on CNET, a gentleman in slacks and a button down shirt approached me and proceeded to give me the full rundown on the TV I was looking at in addition to information on my other options.  Funny enough, he owned the same TV and had a fabulous personal review for me.

I inquired about the availability, told him I had other shopping to do, and he said he would track me down once he had the answers.  Minutes later a clerk in “standard” attire approached me and helped me through the rest of the process.  He was very nice and helpful, but noticeably at a different pay level and 20 years younger.

I couldn’t help but think throughout the process that they didn’t want me in there doing research on their products before making my purchase.  It makes total sense and from a retail standpoint, what could be worse?  Consumer comes in, picks out a product, scans it with their mobile device, realizes it’s cheaper down the street and proceeds to walk out of your store and buy it elsewhere.

I imagine this is on the minds of the powers that be within retail stores everywhere.  The approach taken today was spot on with me.  I’m a sucker for customer service and when treated right, you’ve got my business.