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Matthews Back Yard Farm to Table

The back yard garden is still kicking and provided the Matthews family with green beans and tomatoes for dinner last night. The Atlanta summer heat was not very kind to the garden, and while we enjoyed lots of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and cantaloupe, the green beans, full tomatoes and peppers just couldn’t get it going. With Fall coming, the super hot days seem to be behind us and the veggies seem to be thriving.

Here are some pics of our recents harvest of green beans (if you can call it that):

June Garden Update (6 of 7)     —–>

Matthews Green Beans  —–>

Matthews Garden Veggies

I’m hoping the tomatoes continue to flourish through the Fall!

Matthews Garden Tomatoes


Our First Cantaloupe From the Garden

Cantaloupe Selfie
Cantaloupe Selfie

As we have been fighting off the squirrels and chipmunks from the tomatoes in the back yard garden, our cantaloupe have been quietly getting sweeter. Today I was walking “Farm Matthews” and spotted a cantaloupe that had made the turn and turned slightly yellow. Based on advice from YouTube I pushed on the stem and it popped right off. It smells sweet and is barely soft to the touch, so we will wait until morning and call it breakfast!

Backyard Garden Cantaloupe

Backyard Garden

June 17 Raised Garden Update – We have Fruit

Strawberry growing on fork
Forked Strawberry

Here are some pictures of the garden today. The strawberries have been coming along nicely, but more than not the underside is rotting in the mulch. Apparently that’s why they call them ‘straw’berries, because they grow best when mulched with straw.  Well I found another trick that I did today that is pretty nifty and may just do the trick.  I found the idea on GardenWeb to put plastic forks under each strawberry or group of strawberries and drape the vine through the fork tines keeping the strawberries off of the ground.


Below are pictures of a bell pepper, cucumber, fat blueberry, and a bee hard at work on the cantaloupe. Speaking of cantaloupe I think this is my first fruit. There is a lot going on in there and this bulb seems to be the furthest along, and closest thing to an actual fruit.