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Afternoon Moon

I got this shot of the moon yesterday afternoon.  I used Lightroom to zoom in and love how you can see the details of the moon’s surface

Nikon D800 – ISO 100 – 300mm – f/5.6 – 1/160sec




Weekly Photo Challenge – Green

This week’s photo challenge subject “green” took a bit of thought.  Over the years I have been pretty involved with the green scene here in Atlanta so my first thought was something environmental.  Over the weekend we went to the ‘barn’ in Chastain Park and the boys picked a huge watermelon.  We haven’t cracked it open yet so it was luring in my mind as an idea.

As a kid growing up in Macon, GA, each summer, maybe 4th of July or some holiday we would go to the swimming pool at Idle Hour Country Club.  They would have all kinds of games throughout the day, but one of the fun ones was the greasy watermelon.  They would grease them up, throw’em in the pool and the kids would wrestle over them and the first one to hoist it out of the pool won.  When I told Martha I was going to grease up the watermelon, you can imagine the look on her face.

So here is how I did it:

I laid down some dark brown carpet pieces inside my light box to create a dark background and opened up the aperture to f4.5 which is as far as the Tamron 10-24mm will go.  I did this to fade out the carpet as much as I could to blur the detail.  Once I had my positioning right, I used mineral oil to bring out the rich green colors of the watermelon.  For lighting I just had two lights shining in, one from the top left and one from the right about centered.

My camera was in aperture priority mode and I used the auto-bracketing feature to get three quick shots. I processed the photos using SNS-HDR Pro and after some tweaking, this is what came out the other side.  I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

  • Camera – Nikon D90
  • Focal Length – 24 mm
  • Shutter Speed – 1/200 sec.
  • Aperture – 4.5
  • ISO – 200

Weekly Photo Challenge: Triangle

This week, Triangle was the subject for the shutterboo weekly photo challenge on Flickr.  While in Montego Bay Jamaica, I took this shot of the hammock where I spent several hours getting my peace and quiet on.  The triangle doesn’t jump out at you, but it’s nestled into the fabric of life, just live everything else in Jamaica.  We had an awesome trip celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.  We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton at Rose Hall which is pretty fabulous.  Of course the people are amazing and always happy to ensure your stay is perfect.  I’m sure during the summer season, this hammock is a hopping place and a hard spot to secure, but in September, it’s the most peaceful and relaxing spot in the joint.

Be sure and check back, I’ll be posting shots from the trip as I get them processed.

Weekly Photo Challenge Week 19: Artificial

This week for the Shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge the subject was ‘artificial.’  Two things came to mind instantly, artificial sweetener and artificial grass turf.  I also tapped into Facebook for ideas and got tons, but the grass turf stayed on my mind.  Last fall Ben played soccer at Morris Brandon on their artificial grass turf field so I knew that’s where I wanted to go.  Henry and I went over there this afternoon and here is what we came up with.  I used the first one taken with my 50mm f/1.8.