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Cat Photography

Poppy the Cat (1 of 6)Cat photography has never been on my radar. I didn’t have a cat growing up and have pretty much been scared of cats my entire adult life. It’s not an unwarranted fear, they really seem to hate me. Showing houses I have had cats just walk up and bite me on the ankle, leap across the room and shred my mls paperwork, just harassing me. They love to be in my face, almost certainly aware of my fear.

Well this week we got a cat. We adopted her from our neighbor who fostered 5 kittens since they were found about two weeks old under a neighbor’s back deck. Her name is Poppy and she is pretty unbelievable! We are 4 days in and everyone in our family is in love with her, including Cody the Goldendoodle who was also adopted about 6 years ago; maybe he feels a connection with her…

I’m excited about the opportunity to photograph her as she grows from a kitten into a cat. Her markings are really beautiful, and something I assume sets every cat apart. One thing I really like are the five stripes down the back of her head and neck. What made her jump out to me at first was her white paws and the white splotch on her chest. We almost named her Boots because of her white paws, but after a slew of name ideas and changes we landed on Poppy. Watching her play around the name really fits her, she loves to pop around chasing her tail, shadow or whatever has her immediate attention.

Check back here to see how her little kitty life evolves, I will do my best to photograph her often. Hi-res images can be seen and purchased at


Carson Matthews
Carson Matthews Photography


Elf on the Shelf 2015

Rudy the Elf on the Shelf is happy to have a Christmas tree to hide in. Photographed while watching U2 play in Paris. As I type this they are teasing Burning Down the House with a cool lady moving in mysterious ways.

Elf on the Shelf 2015 (1 of 1)

Pictures of Christmas Time

We are 8 days away from Christmas and the decorations are in full swing. We have some new things this year that have made decorating a bit more fun. The first thing that is new is the mantle below. It is a cedar block mantle that was installed by my builder Stuart Grubb. Finally we have a place to properly hang our stockings.  You can also see Rudy the Elf is hanging around in the garland above.

Christmas Mantle

Here is our tree all decorated, waiting to presents to arrive under the tree.

Christmas Tree Decorated

Oh the joy of getting the Christmas cards ready… the Christmas tree lights made for fun photography and bokeh.

Christmas Cards

This year I added lights to the gutters of the house which looks pretty awesome at night, and also made the columns into candy canes.

Christmas Decorations

Last year I made this outdoor Christmas tree out of recycled oak hardwood floors.

Christmas Front Porch Decorations

Here is our Nutcracker manning the front door

Christmas Nutcracker

One of these pictures is not like the others… The picture below was taken with my iPhone of our mailbox all decorated by our neighbors to support Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta.

Mailbox Brigade

And finally here is Rudy the Elf on the Shelf keeping cool in the front window.

Rudy the Elf on the Shelf

White Night Pictures at Sea Island

Each year at the beach we pick a night to get all dressed up in our whites for a family photo.  This first picture is of our family minus my sister and her family who are in Germany.  The second is of my parents walking away from the shoot…sweetest picture ever.  The balance of the pictures are in the slide show below.

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