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52 Week Photo Challenge Week 4: Extreme Detail

Again, the weekly subject of “extreme detail” was difficult because I was adamant not to shoot a macro picture.  I got a new car a couple of weeks ago, the new Ford Explorer.  It has rained almost every day since I purchased it, including as I was driving it off of the lot; so today I finally went and got a car wash.  Since it was all shiny and sparkly I decided to get a detailed shot of the front grill.  I processed it using SNS-HDR and Lightroom.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Traffic

I was most excited about this week’s photo challenge subject “traffic”.  This envelopes one of those dream shots I seriously think about all the time.  The timing for a shot like that could not be more inconvenient, and the location in my mind isn’t easy either.  Unfortunately it’s been raining all week in Atlanta which made the shot even less likely to happen.  At the very last hour I went into Buckhead near the triangle intersection of Peachtree Rd, Roswell Rd, West Paces Ferry Rd & East Paces Ferry Rd.  I took close to 150 shots of cars going by and was not thrilled at all, and while walking back to my car this awesome Marta bus came strolling through the intersection and I caught it.

It is advertising the new exhibit at the High Museum of Art, Picasso to Warhol.  You can get more info on the exhibit here

Weekly Photo Challenge Week 31: Small

I have been incredibly slack about uploading my pictures each week to the blog, but you can always check out my submissions to the weekly photo challenge on Flickr at  This past week the subject was “small.”  A small task that took me until 8pm on the due date to complete, but it was fun.  I got the kids involved and asked for their recommendations.  Ben said an eye drop…  and while that sounded super cool and absolutely perfect for the challenge, this was last minute so we had to keep thinking.  We went outside and were rummaging through their toys and Henry picked up a matchbox car and said, “Daddy, this is small.”  Perfect, that got the juices flowing.  We pulled out all of his cars, found a shoebox, gathered some dirt, and created a Monster Truck Jam.  Here is the result:

The Nuts & Bolts:
> Camera: Nikon D90
> Handheld
> Aperture f4.0
> Photo Focal length: 50mm
> Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.8