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Runnemede Row at Farm Chastain

This year my friend Peyton McWhirter and I have been working a garden at Farm Chastain, part of the Chastain Park Conservancy. Life has gotten in the way of me posting about it from the beginning, but you can catch up through pictures at

Today we got back from a week at the beach and things are coming along nicely. We definitely have a squirrel problem, and as a result no tomatoes. We probably have 100 on the vine, but they are eaten well before becoming ripe.

Farm Chastain

Farm Chastain-4The corn is pretty impressive to someone that hasn’t grown corn before. We have two rows of Silver Queen and the back row is Silver King. In the last week it has grown at least a foot and ears of corn have emerged everywhere.

Moving to the left and pretty much taking over all available space is the watermelon. At my last visit our first melon was the size of a fat cucumber, today it’s the size of a rugby ball.

To the left of the melons are cucumbers, squash, bush beans, pole beans and more beans. Only the first teepee of pole beans is producing, but I definitely got enough to feed the family.

Everything in the middle is getting rampaged by squirrels. I bet there were 50 cherry tomatoes half eaten on the ground, and a couple of peppers had been eaten through. It’s time to spend a day there weeding for sure. Here is a picture of what I walked away with.

Farm Chastain-7

All of these pictures of our plot at Farm Chastain and many more are on my website

Carson Matthews

Pictures and Videos of April Storms Rolling Through Atlanta

Over the past several days Atlanta has seen damaging storms roll through town. On Monday alone there were 20 confirmed tornados in Georgia. On Wednesday that same front turned around and came back through as a warm front, countered by a bigger cold front from the west. When it wasn’t storming the skies were perfect for photography. On Tuesday it was beautiful; here is a picture of the moon late that afternoon.


On Wednesday we had early storms in the morning. I set up my GoPro in the front window on timelapse and caught this strike of lightning over the trees.

Lightning 4-5-17-1

When the morning storms cleared the coloring was beautiful outside with the sun trying to break through the clouds. Here is a picture of the calm between the storms.

Calm Between the Storms-2

Wednesday night we got the 3rd round of storms which went late into the night. Again I set up the GoPro, this time doing timelapse video, capturing the storm from the time the sun went down until it came back up Thursday morning. Here is a condensed version of that video, showing the stormy phase of Wednesday evening and the beautiful sunrise Thursday morning.

And finally here is a picture of the sunrise Thursday morning.

Sunrise after the storm-1


Carson Matthews

All images are available on my website. Please visit the link below for options to download.

Tomatoes and Green Beans

Over the past couple of days I have noticed some of the green beans getting pretty big in the garden. This morning I picked a couple of handfuls of beans and two pretty red tomatoes. Tomorrow night I believe we will be having green beans, tomatoes with basil and a cucumber for dinner!

Tomatoes and Pole Beans (1 of 1)

Stay tuned for more harvesting.

Carson Matthews

Pictures of the Chastain Park Playground

Yesterday we took the kids to check out the newly renovated Chastain Park Playground. You can read all about it at Here are a few of the pictures I got of the new playground, it’s truly one of a kind. More pictures are on my website

Chastain Park Playground (1 of 12)

Chastain Park Playground (2 of 12)

Chastain Park Playground (4 of 12)

Chastain Park Playground (8 of 12)


Carson Matthews


Shoutout to Peachtree Bikes

Peachtree Bikes

I wanted to give a IMG_0574quick shoutout to Peachtree Bikes. Yesterday Ben and I took his Diamondback BMX bike up there to get a new tire put on.  Of course that was a quick and easy fix done on the spot.  An hour later we were back after some user errors putting it back together.  The chain was slipping and the brakes were rubbing, so they went back to work on the bike. Apparantly Santa Claus didn’t do too good of a job last year putting it together as they almost completely rebuilt the bike.  Fixing the brakes wasn’t too much of a deal, but during the process they realized the front fork was installed backwards which took some hammering, but they got it all fixed up.  I’m feeling much better about Ben cruising around on his bike now thanks to Peachtree Bikes.

Many thanks to the guys over there for their extra time and effort on Ben’s bike.

They have 3 locations in Atlanta, online at

Buckhead · 2905 Peachtree Road NE · Atlanta, GA 30305 · 404.262.9853
Sandy Springs · 225 Hilderbrand Drive · Sandy Springs, GA 30328 · 404.254.4116
Serenbe · 9119 Selborne Lane · Palmetto, GA 30268 · 404.262.9854

Diamond Back BMX bike brake
Rear Brake
Diamondback Viper BMX Bike
Diamondback Viper BMX Bike

July Update on Raised Summer Garden

Here are some pictures to give you an update on how the summer raised garden is coming along.  We have 30-40 tomatoes growing, one bell pepper which appears to be turning red, and some baby squash (I picked the first one too early and it was not ready).  We had lots of blueberries but those were eaten soon after harvest.  We can’t wait for those to mature so we can have gallons of blueberries in the summer!  Until then we have veggies…

Bell Pepper turning red
Bell Pepper
July Matthews Garden Update (6 of 8)
July Matthews Garden Update (3 of 8)
Yellow Squash
July Matthews Garden Update (8 of 8)
Top of the Tomato Cage
July Matthews Garden Update (5 of 8)
More Tomatoes Coming

1st Annual Georgia Craft Beer Fest

georgia-craft-brew-fest-logoOn Saturday March 22, 2014 Red Brick Brewing Company will host the 1st Annual Georgia Craft Beer Fest benefiting the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild.  Over 25 Georgia breweries have been confirmed for the event including many of my favorites like Monday Night Brewing, Sweetwater Brewing Company, Jailhouse Brewing Company, Jekyll Brewing, & Terrapin Beer Company.

Date: Saturday March 22
Time: 1-6pm
Location: 2323 Defoor Hills Road, Atlanta, GA 30318
Ticket Price: $40 or $75 for VIP
Buy Tickets:


Additional details are available at


Carson Matthews