A Chance to Drive at the NASCAR Speedtech Driving School

This past weekend I went to Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton Georgia for an opportunity to drive a Sprint Cup Car as part of the NASCAR Speedtech Driving School.  This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and something I was quite nervous about doing.  I was more nervous in the weeks leading up to it, and as the days got closer that nervous energy became pure excitement.  When you arrive they give you the option of having it video’d which I did, and you can see that video below on YouTube.

Now I don’t drive a car with a manual shift, and haven’t in a really long time but I was determined to make it work.  Right off the bat I went from 1st gear to 4th and had to regroup quickly, and as you can tell probably scared the crap out of my instructor before we even got off pit lane.  Once we made it through the gears and got on the track it smoothed out significantly, but the ride was crazy from start to finish.

The instructors lay out bars of tape around the track and you are supposed to keep within the lines as you circle the track, keeping you on point as you come in and out of the turns.  You can see throughout my video he is pulling me closer and closer to the outside wall on the backstretch, and obviously I was not on board with that call.  Almost every lap he grabs the steering wheel and pulls me closer to the wall, and is constantly telling me to go faster.  Looking back I have no clue how fast we were going.  The cars don’t have speedometers, all I know is we were going really fast in a rumbling beast of horsepower and I was holding on for my life.

Here is the YouTube video and below are some pictures from the day at Atlanta Motor Speedway:


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