Barbecue Salmon on the Big Green Egg

Cooking salmon on the big green egg is one of my favorites, and this Barbecue Salmon recipe is easy and really good.  I picked up a couple of pieces of salmon last night at the Fresh Market and the other two ingredients are staples in the cabinet and refrigerator.  All it takes is rubbing some Magic Salmon Seasoning over the top of the fish, then covering it with Stubb’s Original Bar-B-Q Sauce.  Cook it to your liking on the grill or Big Green Egg if you have one and you are in business.  This recipe never fails and always comes out perfect.


2 thoughts on “Barbecue Salmon on the Big Green Egg”

    1. I try to use the Fire and Flavor planks as often as possible, they are so easy and the taste is incredible. On this one I did not use a plank, but on the egg it comes out perfect every time regardless. We were just at the beach and had a questionable grill at the house so I used the plank just to keep the fish off the grill…

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