Weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

This has been a fun week for me and photography.  For weeks I’ve been reading and studying up on HDR.  It is a whole other world that certainly has a life of it’s own.  I started out at a site called Stuck in Customs written by a sick photographer named Trey Ratcliff.  If you haven’t been to his site, go there now…then follow him on Google+.  He has a great tutorial on his site that will serve as a launching pad, and apparently has been doing so for quite some time.

I’ve been practicing taking the shots and processing them with the Photomatix software trial for a few weeks.  I haven’t been blown away with the results of any of the shots which was frustrating.  Just the other day I came across SNS-HDR which is a program out of Poland.  Enter Google Translator.  I was really pleased with how this program processed the images and especially my real estate photography.  That is a whole other topic I won’t get into, but end of story, I really like the way SNS processes the images and the interface is easy to work with.  So for this week I took a picture of something that is super yellow and has a cool design to go along with it.  I ran it through SNS and here you go:



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