Spring 2011 Storms in Buckhead

It seems that at least one night a week for the past month or so we have had some extreme weather rolling through Atlanta.  Our family has been hunkered down in the basement more than a handful of times during that same period.  I don’t remember a Spring with this many storms.

At 3am last night Martha and I were awoken to the cracking, crushing, rumbling sound of a huge oak tree falling into our backyard.  It fell from our neighbors yard, across two fences and just came in contact with the back of our house, which just happens to be our bedroom.  The top of the tree sits about 6 feet from my bed, so as you can imagine we feel very lucky that it stopped where it did.  It took down a few other smaller trees on the way down as well as knocking some limbs off other trees.  The only real damage other than the fence was to our gutters, so while unlucky has been the theme around here, we are very lucky to not have damages greater than these both to our house and our person.  Here are some pics of the aftermath.

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