Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

This week for the Shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge the subject is ‘Circle.’  We are spending spring break in Rosemary Beach, Florida so I have been excited about finding a circle.  The whole time I’ve known in my head that I was ultimately going to get a shot of the sunset since we are on the west coast, and the sunsets over here are sick.  Two nights ago it was pretty overcast and as the clouds passed in front of the sun, the outline of the sun was perfect and clear, but it looked more like the moon.  Last night I started getting ready to run over to the beach for my shot, grabbed my camera off the ottoman on the front porch, and my nightmare began in very slow motion.  I picked it up by the body, but the strap was caught on the corner of the ottoman, and my camera slammed back down on the concrete porch.  My heart sank as I went to pick it up, only to see all of the glass cracked.

I have a UV filter over the lens and it was hard to determine if only it was broken, or if the lens was cracked as well.  I wasn’t able to get the UV filter off, and had to get the sunset shot, so I raced over to the beach with my 50mm knowing I wouldn’t get the shot I wanted, but could make due.

This morning I went over to the maintenance department and borrowed some pliers and was able to pry the filter off and happily found a beautiful unscathed piece of Nikon glass.

I’m going to use the sunset shot for my entry this week, but here are several others I got during the week including a shot of the circle filter.  Let’s hope for an easier time next week



5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle”

  1. Great photo of the sun! I also really like the colors of the medallion (is it tile?) and Yikes! Was it only the filter that cracked or the lens too? I hope only the filter…!

      1. ah! I just noticed you already mentioned your lens remained unscathed. But that is always a relief! One time, the filter from my lens just fell off of the lens. I wonder if they just have bad fate.

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