Weekly Photo Challenge, Week 7: Fear

This past week was week 7 of the Shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge and the subject was “Fear.”  All I could think of for most of the week was the look of fear on someone’s face…and how I was going to capture that moment.  Wednesday is submission day and I waited until that day to get my shot.  Not able to capture fear on a face, my backup was fear of heights.  I was able to get access to a couple of highrise condos in Atlanta and took lots of shots from many different angles not sure how they would turn out.  I’m really happy with the way this shot turned out.  I think it has a lot of cool dimensions and seems to really capture what I am told is a fear of heights.  I have absolutely no concept of the “fear of heights” so I had to wait on comments from my peers…apparently it worked.  See what you think:


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